Marbury? Why Not?

by Bruce Allen on January 2, 2009

You’ve probably heard or read it by now, Marc Stein on is reporting that should exiled Knicks guard Stephon Marbury get the buyout he is seeking from the team that his top choice of a new employer would be your Boston Celtics. Not only that, according to the sources, the Celtics would also be interested in such a marriage.

After you recover from the involuntary shudder that just passed through your body, take a few moments and consider what might actually happen should this come to pass.

Marbury would bring a considerable offensive punch to the Celtics bench. If you haven’t noticed, that’s something that that unit could use…a guy who can create and score on his own without the aid of the big three. Think about it…Tony Allen can drive to the hoop, but isn’t a consistant shooter. Eddie House is a consistant shooter, but can’t drive to the hoop. Leon Powe and Glen Davis are certainly useful pieces, but are also each limited offensively at this time. Powe is strictly an inside guy, and while Davis has shown improvement in his shooting, he too isn’t a consistent offensive threat.

People lament the loss of James Posey, mostly for his defense, but also because he could hit the big shot when needed. Marbury certainly isn’t going to bring the defense, but the guy can score. He seems aware that if he comes here, it’s going to be as a reserve. If he can come off the bench and bring his offensive game and be at least respectable on defense, he’s going to add something to the club. Having veterans such as Garnett, Pierce and Allen around will also hopefully encourage him to keep himself in check.

There is still a need for another big man on the bench. P.J. Brown’s recent pronouncement that he is definitely retired, means that Danny Ainge will need to look elswhere for that body. The name of Joe Smith keeps floating around, and if something could be worked out in that regard, he would be a perfect fit, giving the Celtics most of what Brown supplied last year, with perhaps a bit more offense. Like Marbury, Smith also played with Kevin Garnett in Minnesota, giving him history with KG.

I would take a flyer on Marbury to start with, and see what kind of offensive spark he can add to the second unit. If it doesn’t work out, the Celtics will have a much easier time cutting ties with him than the Knicks are having.

Bruce Allen

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1 John January 2, 2009 at 7:42 am

Stephon Marbury is bad guy. Problems with coaches (Larry Brown, Isiah), extraordinarily selfish player, had sex with a Knicks intern among other things. He is nothing but trouble. No Dice. He will do more bad then good.

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