Why Mike Bibby is a Ginormous Idiot: A Guest Column

by Kevin on April 27, 2008

By Kevin Henkin

It’s happening again. Rest assured that the techies are hot on the trail for a fix but after receiving a couple of erroneously delivered e-mails last week (see Matt Richardson’s column on Friday), we’ve now mysteriously received a blog entry from a certain local sportscaster. Your thoughts? Hey, who’s better than me with a lost blog entry? Anyway, in the spirit of professional courtesy, we’ve decided to run the lost entry so that it will see the light of day and receive the immense amount of attention that it truly deserves.

Why Mike Bibby is a Ginormous Idiot
Apr 26, 2008 | 6:32 PM

Wow the Celtics are on the verge of winning their first playoff series in like five years. This is an exciting time for people who watch basketball and like the Celtics. Right now I am sitting in Radio City Music Hall where I understand music is normally played but today is being used to host the NFL Draft where NFL teams draft players to play for their teams during football games. We are doing the “feeding run thingamajig” for our newscast tonight. It’s a complicated process. Thankfully, I usually just have to read the big words. Speaking of the newscast tonight is going to feature a scandalous story related to a certain Boston sports figure person (you’ll just have to watch!).

It’s 6:30 p.m. our time here in New York (I’m not sure what time it is in Boston). We took the Acela train down to the city this time. I admit I can get a little nervous on trains because they can get robbed, like what happened with Butch Cassidy and his gang. Anyway, the reason I’m doing this update is not to talk about dangerous trains or the NFL musical draft but to point out that Mike Bibby is an idiot who says and does many idiotic things.

Case in point. Mike Bibby said last week that Boston fans were bandwagon jumpers who didn’t fill the building when he came to Boston last year. If you remember, the Celtics lost a lot of games last year and so a lot of people either stopped coming to the games or they feel asleep during them. That wasn’t their fault. Nobody likes watching basketball teams who lose a ton of games, especially when the Patriots and Red Sox are winning trophies and riding around in those big boats with the wheels on the bottom all the time. At the end of the day, we can say what we want about our fans but Mike Bibby can’t because he doesn’t even live here! I say that until he buys some local real estate or at least rents an apartment around here, he should keep his big fat mouth shut. Then again this is a free country, right? Some people say Mike Bibby is legally within his rights to say bad things about Boston fans. I’m not so sure about that. How do you feel?

To me the most sad part about all of this is that now we have to expect that Eddie House’s kids are going to grow up to be half-idiots because House is married to Bibby’s sister and they share some similar DNA. This is what bothers me more than anything because when it affects the children, it makes a bad situation even more bad in that way. Plus, educating them will cost more of our tax dollars now, which is bad for all of us.

But back to Mike Bibby. In a way, I know this is sacrilegious but I’m kind of hoping that the Celtics lose one of their games so Bibby will have to play another game in Boston and get insulted by the fans again. I can vouch first hand for the passion, vulgarity, creativity and slightly threatening tone that Boston fans can take when they really don’t like you. They can really get it going when they are mad. Is it wrong to file restraining orders against certain fans? Is it wrong to root for your team to lose so a bad guy can get booed? I don’t think so. How about you?

Your thoughts?

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